For Harvest carts

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Wheels for harvesting carts

Harvest trolleys are used in greenhouses and fields in the horticultural industry. Depending on the environment in which the harvesting trolley is used, different wheels are suitable. The castors used for harvesting trolleys are often equipped with a foot guard. This prevents feet or toes from being run over by the wheels.

Easy manoeuvring with the harvesting trolley

The most common wheel combination on a harvesting wagon is four sturdy and particularly stable castors at the corners of the wagon. In the centre of the cart are two wheels with a super-elastic rubber tyre. These wheels have a larger diameter than the wheels at the corners. This makes the trolley easy to manoeuvre in the small and narrow aisles of the greenhouse.

Harvesting carts for tubular tracks

Harvest trolleys are also used for driving between the beds or plants. In this case, the cart is equipped with four nylon flanged wheels, also called “trumpet wheels” or “diabolo wheels”. These wheels allow the harvesting trolley to travel over a tubular rail.

Automated greenhouses with AGVs

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are increasingly used for automated greenhouses. These trolleys drive autonomously along a programmed route through the greenhouse, e.g. from the picker to the storage area. Considering the weight of an AGV and the required drive, the wheels for AGVs are often made of polyurethane.


For your application

If a wheel is not in our range or in the standard range of our suppliers, customisation is possible. It may be that you have an existing application that you are not satisfied with. For example, you want to innovate or produce cheaper. We make adaptations mainly when there is a special need for functionality. For example, you can use harvesters in different ways. Different wheels are suitable for each application. For example, we have wheels that are suitable for free manoeuvring with the harvesting wagon, but also for harvesting wagons on tube rails and AGVs. Together with you, we will think about a solution for your specific application.

From stocktaking to the right solution

We determine how and in which environment the harvesting trolleys will be used. We also look at the problem. Why do the current wheels of the harvesting trolleys break off or wear out too quickly? It could also be that the current wheels for the harvesting carts are too expensive. Konijnenburg can offer an economical solution without compromising on quality and durability. This does not always require a new design process. The solution can also be a volume import or a specialist import. Customisation does not always have to involve large volumes. Even if you only need two or three parts of a particular wheel, customisation is possible.