Konijnenburg has decades of experience in the production and sale of wheels. Our current range is therefore the result of years of intensive innovation and our own production. We know what our customers need and offer the right wheels for a wide range of applications.

The Konijnenburg wheel range

In our range you will find industrial wheels, swivel and fixed castors, container parts, pneumatic tyre wheels, ball bearing and industrial tyres in many dimensions. Our wheels are available with top quality axles, braking mechanisms, suspension and support systems to integrate them into various applications. All made of the best materials. On request, we also deliver customised solutions. Do you have doubts about which caster is the most suitable for your application? Then you can always contact the experts of Konijnenburg for free advice. You can also take a look at the applications we have described in various branches, including waste collection, internal transport and industry.

Determining factors when choosing a caster
When choosing the right caster, the application is obviously important, but there are also some other essential factors to consider. Think of the total load capacity that the cart, trolley or platform must be able to handle, at what speed it will be driven and whether the wheels also provide propulsion. The amount and type of wheels you need is determined by the way you manoeuvre and the need to be able to brake the wheels. The hardness of the material of the wheels is also decisive. The steering and the way of mounting also play a role. The desired dimensions are, of course, important. Finally, it is good to determine the quantity of wheels you need for your total production. Can’t work it out? We will be happy to help!

Service and customisation
An important part of our offer is our service. Apart from the fact that we are known for our extensive assortment, which we can deliver directly from stock, our starting point is: the highest quality wheels at the best price. At Konijnenburg this goes hand in hand with customised service. This means among other things that we are there for you in case of emergency. We also like to think along with you about the most suitable wheels for your application. Custom made is always an option.

  • Didn't find what you were looking for? Request a custom wheel.

    • Custom wheels with specific functionality for your application
    • Innovations to make the wheels more sustainable
    • Improving wheels for existing application to reduce wheel production costs
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