About us

Konijnenburg has been a leading specialist in wheels for 75 years. A solid experience, top brands, own production and development form the basis for a more than complete range of transport wheels.

Acquisition of swivel castor manufacturer LIV KOLESA d.o.o.

The parent company of Konijnenburg BV, Konindustries BV, takes a 50% interest in LIV KOLESA d.o.o.

The location has 170 employees and achieved a turnover of €14 million in 2017. For Konijnenburg Wielen, the takeover is an important strengthening of its market position. LIV Kolesa is regarded in Slovenia as the most competitive wheel manufacturer in Europe thanks to its automated presses and favourable labor costs. Thanks to this acquisition, Konijnenburg customers will have the opportunity to obtain large quantities with only a few weeks’ delivery time, where producers from Asia often take 2-3 months.

Acquisition of wheel producer VLUKON BV
The 3rd generation of Konijnenburg

After 4 years of working on custom product development and program expansion, Floris van Konijnenburg takes over the shares from his father.

Floris has a background in Technical Business Administration and Finance MSc. Under the leadership of Floris, the organisation focuses even more on being able to quickly develop high-quality customised solutions for industrial customers.

Since 2012, the organisation has shown an annual organic growth of 10 to 15%.

In addition, preparations are underway for strategic partnerships and the acquisition of manufacturers of high-quality industrial components.

Acquisition of LANGERAK WHEELS

Langerak Wheels, which was known as a supplier of high-quality polyurethane wheels, is taken over by Konijnenburg BV. The warehouse will be integrated in the central Konijnenburg BV warehouse in Amsterdam.

The 2nd generation Van Konijnenburg

In 1977 Pim took over his father’s shares.

He focused more on wheels. A product group manager was appointed for other product groups such as compressed air, bonding equipment and vehicle construction articles.

Other product groups disappeared from the range. Both steps were taken to become more specialised. Through this focus, Pim ensured that Konijnenburg Wielen has become synonymous with quality, service and customer focus throughout the Benelux.

To Amsterdam

In 1946 Wim van Konijnenburg started his own company.

Its activities in the beginning consisted of the sale of wooden toys and the representation of Czech woodworking tools.

Trade was under the name Grimpex (Wholesale Import-Export). The office was a room in Wim’s home, and his mother handled the administration. Packages were packed by Wim’s father. Wim’s son, Pim, brought packages to the post office on his scooter. A real family business.


Custom wheels and transport solutions

Konijnenburg Wielen was founded in 1946 by W van Konijnenburg with the aim of developing high-quality industrial products for an attractive price. To this day, the continuity of our family business has been guaranteed. In the meantime, we have been the specialist for 75 years in the development and supply of high-quality wheels for various sectors, including  agriculture and horticulture, waste collection and recycling, intra logistics and internal transport en industry.  With more than 2600 loyal customers on the counter, Konijnenburg Wielen is still developing vigorously.

What we stand for

We work every day to make work life easier. We always provide appropriate sales advice with our technical sales team. This is part of our top quality service that we provide to customers. We believe that our wheels and efforts support an easy work life for our end user. This translates into the design of our products and the way we interact with our customers, employees and business partners. In this way we ensure an optimal price/quality ratio for the solution that best suits your application.

Customised solutions

Due to the success of the family business Konijnenburg, the company has expanded by taking over the factories of its suppliers. In 1962 Konijnenburg Wielen purchased the first production machines. Because Konijnenburg Wielen now has two production locations, it produces all its wheels itself. This enables us to realise volume imports and offer customised solutions. This way we can always meet the needs of the customer and help them make their work easier.

Custom wheels

For almost every sector

We apply customisation in almost every sector. This usually concerns special wishes regarding the functionality. For example, the resilience of a wheel, a certain intelligent braking effect, easier operation of the brake, higher load capacities or specific dimensions. We also regularly introduce innovations in the material used to strengthen wheels.

Our service is also custom work

At Konijnenburg, customisation is not only about our products, but also about our service. For example, we can take over your logistic process by keeping the desired products in stock. This way we can always deliver these to you the next working day. Konijnenburg also delivers throughout Europe.

Design for manufacturability

Interested in customisation? Then please contact us. We usually ask our customers to deliver a few samples of the wheel in question together with a description of the problem or issue. We will then study the application and come back to you with a suitable solution, without incurring too many costs. We call this design for manufacturability. Of course, we also think about the future viability of your wheels.