Castors for scaffolding

Our scaffolding wheels are suitable for, among others, rolling and room scaffolding used in construction or during painting. At Konijnenburg, mass import is our specialty. Therefore we can offer attractive economic solutions.

Different scaffolding wheels

The scaffolding wheels are available in different variants. Are you looking for wheels that are very sturdy and have a low rolling resistance? Then wheels that are completely made of nylon are most suitable. In addition, we also offer sprayed polyurethane wheels. These have the advantage that they have a PU running surface. PU is softer than wheels made of hard plastic, so they do less damage to the surface.

Wheels with brake system

The brake is, of course, indispensable on a scaffolding wheel. Just imagine what could happen if the scaffolding starts to roll when you are working at a height of six meters. Therefore, our scaffolding wheels are equipped with an easily operated brake system. This is possible in the form of both a very solid brake and a locking device.

Adjustable height

The wheels for scaffolding are equipped with a spindle with swivel to allow for an adjustable height. The spindle is a tube that can be inserted into the scaffold. It can be made of aluminum (lightweight) or steel. If the spindle has a thread, it is supplied with a swivel with a lock nut. A swivel is a type of wing nut that can be used to adjust the height of the scaffold on the spindle tube.


For your application

If a wheel is not in our range and also not in the standard range of our suppliers, customization is an option. It may be that you are not satisfied with your current scaffolding wheels. You may want to innovate or produce more cheaply. We apply customization particularly when there is a specific demand for functionality. Are you looking for sturdy wheels with low rolling resistance? Or are you looking for scaffolding wheels that do not damage the surface? Then we would be happy to help you find a suitable solution.

From inventory to suitable solution

We determine how the scaffolding is used. We also look at the problem. Why do the scaffolding wheels break or wear out too quickly? Or are the current wheels too expensive? Konijnenburg can provide an economic solution without having to compromise on quality and durability. This doesn’t always require a new design process. The solution can also be volume import or specialist import. Customization does not always have to be about large volumes. Even if you only need two or three pieces of a certain wheel, customization is an option.

Scaffolding wheels from Konijnenburg

Konijnenburg currently delivers scaffolding wheels and accessories only through contracts and in numbers above 500 pieces per year. The scaffolding wheels cannot be ordered separately. For more information about our scaffolding wheels, please contact one of our experts.