Wheels for wheelbarrows

Also for wheelbarrows we offer the ideal wheels at Konijnenburg. A wheelbarrow wheel has a standard pneumatic tire with line profile with the size 4.00-8 (the size in inches). In this case the axle has a diameter of 20mm. At Konijnenburg we also offer variations from 15 to 25mm, depending on the desired load capacity. Other profiles, such as a block profile are also possible.

Trolley wheels

In the size 3.00-4 we talk about a truck wheel. These wheels are also available with pneumatic tires as standard. Alternatively, a stripe-free gray tire or a yellow anti-leak tire is possible. These wheels are available with either a plastic or extra strong metal/plate steel rim. These rims can be equipped with ball bearings, roller bearings or plain bearings.

The rims of the wheels of wheelbarrows

The rims of the wheels of wheelbarrows are usually made of plastic. The reason is that this is cheap and lightweight. For intensive use, welded or riveted sheet steel rims are more suitable. These have a higher carrying capacity and are extra strong. Often these rims are used for driven wheels such as electrically-powered plug-in wheelbarrows or wheelbarrows.

Wheel rims with ball bearings

Different types of roller bearings, also known as needle bearings, can be mounted in the rim. Ball bearings offer the most comfort because they ensure that you can run the wheelbarrow smoothly. These bearings are more expensive, though. If the wheelbarrow is used only occasionally or with light loads, standard roller bearings or plain bearings are also sufficient.


For your application

When a wheel is not in our range and also not in the standard range of our suppliers, customization is an option. It could be that you are not satisfied with the current wheels. You may want to innovate or produce more cheaply. We apply customization especially when there is a specific demand for functionality. Are you looking for streak-free tires for your wheelbarrows, or tires that do not puncture or have a higher carrying capacity? Then we would like to think along with you about a suitable solution.

From inventory to appropriate solution

We establish how the wheelbarrows are used. We also look at the problem. Why do the wheels break down or wear out too quickly? Or are the current wheels too expensive for the application? In the latter case, Konijnenburg can provide an economic solution without having to compromise on quality and durability. This doesn’t always involve a new design process. The solution can also be, for example, volume import or specialist import. Customization does not always have to be about large volumes. Even if you only need two or three pieces of a certain wheel, customization is an option.

The ply rating of the tire

With wheelbarrows, it is important to look at the ply rating. This involves the strength of the tire. This is determined by the number of layers the tire has. The more layers the tire has, the sturdier the tire is. Our wheelbarrow tires have a minimum of two layers. Most wheelbarrow tires today have ply rating 4, which means they have four-ply tires. For very intensive use, ply rating 6 or 8 can also be chosen.

Preventing the tire from going flat

To ensure smooth running with the wheelbarrow, a tire must be properly hard. If the tire is not hard enough, more energy is needed to propel the wheelbarrow or wheelbarrow. To ensure that you never have a flat tire, wheelbarrow tires that cannot go flat have been on the market for 15 years. To make this possible, the tire is solid because it is filled with PU foam, for example.