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Custom wheels

For almost any sector

We apply customization in almost every sector. This usually involves special wishes regarding functionality. Examples include the resilience of a wheel, a certain intelligent braking effect, easier operation of the brake, higher load capacities or specific dimensions. We also regularly introduce innovations in the material used to strengthen wheels.

Our service is also custom work

At Konijnenburg, customization is not only about our products, but also about our service. For example, we can take over your logistic process by keeping the desired products in stock. This way we can always deliver these to you the next working day. Konijnenburg also delivers throughout Europe.

Design for manufacturability

Interested in customization? Then please contact us. We usually ask our customers to send us some samples of the wheel in question with a description of the problem or issue. We make sure to study the application and come back to you with a suitable solution, without excessive costs. We call this design for manufacturability. Of course, we also think about the future durability of your wheels.