Shipping container wheels

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The application of container wheels

Our NEVA container castors are ideal for moving sea containers in ports, for example, or for mobile command or communication posts. The container castors are very robust and are available up to a load capacity of 36 kilotons per container.

Swivel Castors for Maritime Containers

All swivel castors have a swivel system to easily manoeuvre containers into position, even in confined spaces. Since June 2020, all container casters are supplied with directional locks. These can be locked to fix the rotation of the swivel head of the counterbalance wheels at any angle of 90 degrees. This gives extra support while towing and pushing the containers.

The container wheels of Konijnenburg

Each caster is fitted with 2 polyurethane wheels on cast iron centres for maximum stability and safety. This allows the wheels to roll very smoothly and at the same time they have a high load capacity.

Twist-lock mechanisms

Assembly is a simple operation as the container wheels are equipped with the twist-lock mechanism. The twist-lock connection locks from below in the corner castings that are incorporated in all containers with DIN ISO 1161 corners. By pressing the twist lever, the connection of the twist-lock mechanism clamps and locks firmly into the corner castings.

Mounting the container wheels

A forklift should be used to insert or remove the container wheels from the corners. Lock the swivel castors in the towing direction and lock them before disconnecting the towing vehicle. When towing, the swivel wheels on the towing side must be unlocked after the towing vehicle has been coupled.


For your application

If a wheel is not in our range or in the standard range of our suppliers, customisation is an option. It may be that you have an existing application that you are not satisfied with. For example, you want to innovate or produce more cheaply. We apply customisation particularly when there is a specific demand for functionality. Do the container wheels break down quickly, for example? Then we will be happy to think along with you about an alternative. It is also possible to adapt container wheels that we already have in stock to your requirements.

From inventory to suitable solution

For special requests we can offer a tailor-made solution. Examples of this are:

  • Drive and traction
  • Braking systems
  • Towing hooks
  • Various types of wheel materials
  • Hoisting equipment
  • Installation

Konijnenburg can also provide an economic solution without having to compromise on quality and durability. This does not always require a new design process. The solution can also be volume import or specialist import. Customisation does not always have to be about large volumes. Even if you only need two or three pieces of a certain wheel, customisation is an option.

Container wheels with high load capacity

With the shipping container wheels with maximum load capacity, loads of up to 36 kilotons can be moved. When determining the load capacity required, consider the following:

  • An empty 20-foot shipping container weighs about 2 kilotons or 4,500 lb.
  • An empty 40-foot shipping container weighs approximately 4 kilotons or 8,700 lb
  • Our maximum payload quoted is based on a maximum speed of 4 km/h (2.4 mph)

Allow for a safety margin

We recommend calculating with a safety factor. In this case, the total weight of the load and the container itself should be divided by three. This gives the required load capacity of each individual sea container wheel.

For safe operation of the castors, a flat and level surface is required. Therefore, before use, check that the wheels are free of thresholds and obstacles.

Using the shipping container wheels on sloping surfaces

Should the sea container wheels be used on sloping surfaces, please contact us. In this case, an engineer should study the local application and calculate the reduction of the load-bearing capacity of the system. We will be happy to assist you with this.