Custom wheels for the dough rounders from Daub Bakery Machinery

Posted on 18 November | 5 minutes reading time
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Daub Bakery Machinery has specialized in developing and producing quality machines for bakeries since 1902. These machines are mainly developed for dividing dough and cutting bread. All bakery machines are designed, constructed, and produced in Daub’s factory.

The search for a wheel that fits perfectly

The dough balls are equipped with a wheel that is mounted on a shaft with brackets. The individual parts were purchased from various suppliers. Because the axle and brackets are already mounted on the dough balls, it was important to find a separate wheel that would fit perfectly. This turned out to be a difficult task. For a long time, Daub bought its wheels from a wheel manufacturer. “We had trouble connecting these with the brackets and other mounting materials.”

Coming up with a custom solution

Daub eventually came into contact with Konijnenburg at a trade fair. The problem was presented and together they went looking for a suitable solution. “It started with a pleasant contact and people thought along with us in several areas.” First of all, Konijnenburg took a look in the factory, made a recommendation based on this, and showed and a model of what they could do for Daub. “You can taste that Konijnenburg strives for a pleasant and long-term relationship.”

The bespoke solution provides a cost advantage and simplicity

The best and most economical option turned out to be housing everything related to wheels at Konijnenburg. This has ensured that Daub is completely unburdened in this area. Daub now purchases its wheels complete with brackets, spacers, bolt and nut, and plastic plain bearings from Konijnenburg. Because these parts fit together perfectly, the mounting of the wheels on the dough ballers is enormously simplified. “Another additional advantage is that we now have fewer different suppliers.”

A long-term partnership

Konijnenburg keeps a consistent stock for Daub. This allows them to always get the desired quantities. In the meantime, the wheels have been mounted under the dough rounders for a number of years, without a wheel having broken once. “Overall, we are very satisfied with these wheels and the relationship and hope for a pleasant continuation of this.”

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