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Swivel castors for mobile refuse and industrial waste containers

You will find the highest quality wheels for waste containers of different sizes at Konijnenburg. Many European manufacturers already chose wheels and swivel casters from Konijnenburg. All our standard wheels for waste containers have a load capacity of 350 kg according to the test for industrial wheels (DIN 12532).

Suitable wheels for each type of waste container

For each type of waste container we have the right solution. Think of swivel casters with a metal rim for metal waste containers or a swivel castor with brake or container wheel with central brake. An important theme in the waste processing industry is sustainability. Our casters fit in perfectly with this theme. For example, we use recycled rubber tires for our economical casters.

You compose your waste container casters by determining the following properties:

  • Tire color
  • Wheel diameter
  • Ager options
  • Rim material
  • Wheel support system (fork)

All advantages at a glance

  • Smoothly rotating
  • Made of natural rubber
  • Durable and designed to last
  • ISO certified and fully tested
  • Optimal ease of use
  • Smooth-running wheels that make the lives of garbage collectors safer and easier
  • Efficient production to make our wheels safe and
  • High production capacity
  • Full process control with own factory
  • cost effective

Heavy duty waste container casters

Especially for heavy waste containers, we have designed wheels for low rolling resistance. The swivel castor system for waste containers is robust and durable. The special metal swivel castors have special heat-treated rings made of hardened steel. With these swivel casters, heavier waste containers can be easily moved up to a speed of 18 km/h. All our swivel castors for heavy waste containers have a load capacity of 650 kg (DIN 840) to 950 kg (DIN 12532).

Ergonomically responsible

Combined with optimal swivel systems, our wheels can be easily attached to garbage trucks to reduce the heavy physical load on a garbage man. We make wheels with low rolling resistance, so moving the cart takes less energy from your employee, allowing him to work more efficiently. Because the wheels are easy to maneuver, garbage collectors no longer have to put in too much effort to push and pull the cart. This helps reduce the back pain they often experience.


For your waste container

If a wheel is not in our range nor in the standard range of our suppliers, customization is an option. It may be that you are not satisfied with the current wheels of your waste containers. For example, you may want to innovate or produce more cheaply. We apply customization particularly when there is a specific demand for functionality. For example, do the wheels of the waste containers break down quickly? Then we will gladly help you find an alternative. It is also possible to adapt wheels that we already have in stock to your requirements.

From stock to a suitable solution

We determine which wheels are currently used for the waste containers and where and how the waste containers are deployed. We also look at the problem. Why are the wheels breaking down or wearing out too fast? Or are the current wheels too expensive for the application? In this way, we look for the ideal solution for your exact application.

Customization does not always have to be about large volumes. Even if you only need two or three pieces of a particular wheel, customization is an option.

Minimal impact on the environment

Because we care about the environment as a manufacturer, our wheels meet the most important environmental requirements without sacrificing quality. In fact, with our sustainable wheels we achieve the highest quality guarantee and certifications. To do this, we have developed environmentally friendly facilities and procedures, such as a huge water treatment plant, heat exchangers and waste separation. We also use electricity generated from our own solar panels. By integrating our production activities under one roof, we fully comply with environmental regulations. It is not without reason that we have the ISO 14001 certificate for an effective environmental management system.

Our certifications

In addition to our environmental certification (ISO 14001: 2015), we have also received management certification (ISO 9001: 2015). In addition, our wheels for waste containers have successfully passed all SKZ certifications according to EN840-5 and also RAL 971/1. Furthermore, our products have all been tested in-house by the leading waste container manufacturers, such as SULO, ESE, WEBER, Europlast, Helesi and Plasticomnium.

Moreover, all our waste container casters are produced according to DIN EN 840 and RAL GZ 951/1, the European standards for the production of mobile waste containers. Also for our industrial range of wheels we apply the European standard DIN EN 12532 and 12533.