for drum sieves

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Top quality wheels for drum sieves

Waste has an economic value. Drum screening machines are an effective and proven way to separate waste into usable raw materials. The rotating drum provides a pre-sorting process that separates the different sizes of waste. Here it is important that the drum screen runs optimally: at the right speed, without congestion.

Konijnenburg supports professional recycling of materials by means of top quality drive wheels for drum sieves that reduce, sieve, separate and compost different types of materials.

Wear-resistant drive wheels with firm grip

Konijnenburg wheels are used as drives for the sieve drum. These are polyurethane wheels or Vulkollan wheels because of their high wear resistance and firm grip. The running surface of the wheel must be very wear-resistant and have a high tensile strength. Konijnenburg has a number of standard wheels in stock that we can customize based on your needs and specifications to realize a short delivery time. We have the largest assortment of Vulkollan wheels.


For your drum sieve

Customization is always an option with us. We apply it especially when there is a specific demand for functionality. For example, do the wheels of the drum sieve break down quickly? We will think along with you about a suitable solution. To achieve a longer life for the wheels, the number of revolutions per minute of the drive wheel, the weight or the resistance of the drum are important. With this we can calculate the friction and recommend the right wheel for the job. At too high speeds or too great a resistance of the drum, cracks and deformation of the tread can occur. You also run the risk of the rim coming loose.

From inventory to appropriate solution

We establish what the application is and how the wheels are used. We also look at the problem. Do the wheels of the drum sieve break down quickly? Is the drum sieve not rotating at the right speed? Or perhaps not at a constant speed because of congestion? Konijnenburg will help you find a customized solution without having to compromise on quality and durability. Customization does not always have to be about large volumes. Even if you only need two or three pieces of a certain wheel, customization is a possibility.