Vulkollan 92 degrees Shore A.

Excellent for propulsion.

For more grip and damping.

For demanding conditions.

For a long service life in sieve drums, conveyors.

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Specifications & variants

Vrij aan te passenTypeWheel-ØAxle-ØHub lengthLoad capacity (static)Building heightBolt hole distanceBolt hole diameterPlate sizePin-ØBolt hole diameterOffsetKeyway sizeWheel widthConductiveTyre hardnessBearing typeDiameter flangeLabel 20Label 21Label 22Product number
wiel10015453504092° Shore A10045F100C
wiel12520604504092° Shore A10045F122E
wiel15020605004092° Shore A10045F150E
wiel16020607005092° Shore A10045F160E
wiel20025609005092° Shore A10045F200F
wiel250256010505092° Shore A10045F251F
wiel300306012005092° Shore A10045F301G
wiel10030453504092° Shore A10045F100G
wiel10025453504092° Shore A10045F100F
wiel10020453504092° Shore A10045F100E
wiel10035453504092° Shore A10045F100H
wiel12525604504092° Shore A10045F122F
wiel12530604504092° Shore A10045F122G
wiel12535604504092° Shore A10045F122H
wiel15025605004092° Shore A10045F150F
wiel15030605004092° Shore A10045F150G
wiel15035605004092° Shore A10045F150H
wiel15040605004092° Shore A10045F150I
wiel16025607005092° Shore A10045F160F
wiel16030607005092° Shore A10045F160G
wiel16035607005092° Shore A10045F160H
wiel16040607005092° Shore A10045F160I
wiel20030609005092° Shore A10045F200G
wiel20035609005092° Shore A10045F200H
wiel20040609005092° Shore A10045F200I
wiel250306010505092° Shore A10045F251G
wiel250356010505092° Shore A10045F251H
wiel250406010505092° Shore A10045F251I
wiel300356012005092° Shore A10045F301H
wiel300406012005092° Shore A10045F301I
wiel300456012005092° Shore A10045F301K
wiel300506012005092° Shore A10045F301L
wiel300556012005092° Shore A10045F301M
wiel300606012005092° Shore A10045F301N
wheel10015453504092° Shore A10045F100C
wheel12520604504092° Shore A10045F122E
wheel15020605004092° Shore A10045F150E
wheel16020607005092° Shore A10045F160E
wheel20025609005092° Shore A10045F200F
wheel250256010505092° Shore A10045F251F
wheel300306012005092° Shore A10045F301G
wheel10030453504092° Shore A10045F100G
wheel10025453504092° Shore A10045F100F
wheel10020453504092° Shore A10045F100E
wheel10035453504092° Shore A10045F100H
wheel12525604504092° Shore A10045F122F
wheel12530604504092° Shore A10045F122G
wheel12535604504092° Shore A10045F122H
wheel15025605004092° Shore A10045F150F
wheel15030605004092° Shore A10045F150G
wheel15035605004092° Shore A10045F150H
wheel15040605004092° Shore A10045F150I
wheel16025607005092° Shore A10045F160F
wheel16030607005092° Shore A10045F160G
wheel16035607005092° Shore A10045F160H
wheel16040607005092° Shore A10045F160I
wheel20030609005092° Shore A10045F200G
wheel20035609005092° Shore A10045F200H
wheel20040609005092° Shore A10045F200I
wheel250306010505092° Shore A10045F251G
wheel250356010505092° Shore A10045F251H
wheel250406010505092° Shore A10045F251I
wheel300356012005092° Shore A10045F301H
wheel300406012005092° Shore A10045F301I
wheel300456012005092° Shore A10045F301K
wheel300506012005092° Shore A10045F301L
wheel300556012005092° Shore A10045F301M
wheel300606012005092° Shore A10045F301N
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    We apply customisation in almost every sector. This usually concerns special wishes regarding functionality. For example, the resilience of a wheel, a certain intelligent braking effect, easier operation of the brake, higher load capacities or specific dimensions. We also regularly carry out innovations in the material used to reinforce wheels, or you can simply look for a cheaper production option.

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