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Transporting valuable objects on fragile floors

Art is one of the most valuable objects to transport. The art of art logistics is therefore in the use of the right wheels. Konijnenburg recommends super elastic smooth grey wheels that give extra damping. On vulnerable museum parquet floors, “soft” rubber wheels ensure a smooth running, while not damaging the floor. The super elastic wheels also have a very low rolling resistance and high load capacity.

Various carts and wheels

We use pallet trucks, containers and wooden crates for transporting art, among other things. Wheels that we often use for art logistics are lifting wheels and swivel wheel systems with which a product or crate can be jacked up by means of a pedal or a lifting screw. We also often use small heavy-duty wheels with a high load capacity. These are ideal under crates or devices where only limited height is available.


For your application

If a wheel is not in our range or in the standard range of our suppliers, customisation is an option. It may be that you have an existing application that you are not satisfied with. For example, you want to innovate or produce more cheaply. We apply customisation particularly when there is a specific demand for functionality. Do the wheels of your application break down quickly, for example? Then we would like to help you find an alternative. It is also possible to adapt wheels that we already have in stock to your requirements.

From inventory to appropriate solution

We establish what the application is and how the wheels are used. We also look at the problem. Why do the wheels break or wear out too quickly? Or are the current wheels too expensive for the application? We ask you to send us samples of what has broken down.

Konijnenburg can provide an economic solution without having to compromise on quality and durability. This does not always require a new design process. The solution can also be volume import or specialist import. Customisation does not always have to be about large volumes. Even if you only need two or three pieces of a certain wheel, customisation is an option.